Course Code: ISF1011-B

Islam Essentials (Brothers)

Learn the Foundations of the Islamic Faith

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About This Course...

Course Description
Course Pre-Requisites
Course Code: ISF1011-B

Course Title: Islam Essentials (Brothers)

Course Department:
Basics of Islam

Course Topic: Islam Foundations

Course Description:
Welcome to the enlightening "Islam Essentials" course.

This course is for those with no prior knowledge of Islam and for those who are unsure of what they know and for those who are practicing Islam but would like to solidify what they know with authentic knowledge.

Embark on a transformative journey as we delve into the core principles that form the foundation of this noble faith. Explore the concept of Tawhid, the belief in the oneness of Allah, and understand its profound significance in Islam.

Delve into the Five Pillars of Islam, encompassing the declaration of faith, prayer, fasting, charity, and pilgrimage, discovering their vital role in the life of a Muslim. Uncover the Six Pillars of Iman, embracing beliefs in Allah, angels, books, prophets, the Day of Judgment, and divine destiny.

Through engaging discussions and practical applications, you will develop a deeper understanding of Islam, cultivating a meaningful connection with Allah and empowering your journey of faith.

Join us on this transformative expedition, as we unlock the essentials of Islam and embark on a path of knowledge, spirituality, and personal growth.
By the End of this Course, you will be able to: 
  • Understand the concept of Tawhid (the belief in the oneness of Allah), its significance in Islam, and its implications for one's faith and worship.
  • Explore and explain the Five Pillars of Islam, including the declaration of faith (Shahada), the performance of prayer (Salah), the observance of fasting during Ramadan (Sawm), the giving of charity (Zakah), and the Hajj pilgrimage.
  • Comprehend and discuss the Six Pillars of Iman, including belief in Allah, His angels, His revealed books, His prophets and messengers, the Day of Judgment, and divine destiny (Qadr).
Other Key Info:
  • Open To: Brothers Only
  • Course Type: Theoretical
  • Delivery Mode: Online
  • Assessment Methods: Theory Exam
  • Core Texts: N/A

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Mandatory Pre-Requisites

  • None

Suggested Pre-Requisites

  • None

When is it?

  Start Date: Friday 8th Sep 2023

  Finish Date: Fri 1st Dec 2023

Duration: 12 Weeks

Sessions per Week: 1 Session (2 hours)

  Onsite Class Times: N/A
  Online Class Times: Fridays, 6.00pm - 7.30pm
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The teaching is at very high quality at GLM. All the ustaza and syeikh/ustaz are very knowledgeable and are very good at teaching us through examples from the Quran and Sunnah MashaAllah.
— Siti
The teachers were engaging and presented the material at the right pace for me. They were always accommodating to my needs as a student.
— Adnan
The quality of teaching is at a high standard and there are lovely facilities. Please learn the deen; you will be benefitted in Dunya and Akhira.
— Jasmeen

Islam Essentials (Brothers)

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