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Meet our Islam Foundations Teachers

Qari Zakaullah Saleem

Sheikh Zakaullah is the Head Imam and Head of Education at Green Lane Masjid.

After completing his Islamic Education, he worked in numerous roles before becoming the Imam of Green Lane Masjid in the UK.

He is a hafiz of Qur'an and has recently completed his Masters in Islamic Education from the Markfield Institute of Higher Education.

Ustadha Aqeela Naheed

Teaches Islam Essentials and Bow Down
Sister Aqeela is the Head of the sisters Tarbiyah Department at Green Lane Masjid and has been a volunteer at the masjid for over 16 years.

Dawah is her passion and her aim has always been to make the acquisition of knowledge easy and accessible for all sisters.

Dr Ziyad Yehia, PhD

Dr. Ziyad is the co-founder of Green Lane Academy, and works as a project Manager in the Green Lane Masjid Education Department. He is passionate about helping muslims become the best they can be, and loves sharing the teachings of Islam with others.