Course Code: QUR1011-S

Quran Reading
Level 1 (Sisters)

Learn to Read the Qur'an in Arabic

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About This Course...

Course Description
Course Code: QUR1011-S

Course Title: Qur'an Reading Level 1 (Sisters)

Course Department:
Qur'anic Studies

Course Topic:
 Qu'ran Reading

Course Description:
Embark on an exciting journey of learning with our "Quran Reading Level 1" course, designed to introduce you to the art of reading the Quran. Through this course, you will develop foundational skills to confidently navigate the Arabic alphabet.

Learn to recognize and differentiate between the letters in their various forms, both individually and when joined together. Master the correct pronunciation of short vowels, long vowels, and consonants, ensuring accurate recitation.

Develop the ability to spell Arabic words based on their sounds, incorporating the appropriate short and long vowels.

 Join us in this enriching experience as we lay the groundwork for your Quranic reading journey, empowering you to engage with the sacred words of the Quran with confidence and proficiency.

By the End of this Course, you will be able to: 
  • Recognise all the letters of the Arabic alphabet in each of their different forms, when written individually.
  • Recognise individual Arabic letters when joined together.
  • Correctly pronounce short vowels, long vowels, and consonants.
  • Correctly spell Arabic words based on their sound, including the use of short and long vowels
Other Key Info:
  • Open to: Sisters Only
  • Course Type: Theoretical & Practical
  • Assessment Methods: Theory Exam(s) & Practical Exam(s)
  • Core Texts: Complete Qaidah (Safar Publications)
Mandatory Pre-Requisites
  • None!
Suggested Pre-Requisites

When is it?

  Start Date: Thursday 7th Sep 2023 

  Finish Date: Thursday 25th July 2024

Duration: 36 Weeks

Sessions per Week: 1 Session (3 hours)

  Onsite Class Times:
Thurs  9:30am - 12:30pm OR
Sat 9:30am - 12:30pm
  Online Class Times: Wednesdays, 09:30am - 12:30pm
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👋 Meet Your Teachers!

Course Instructor 1

Ustadha Malikunnisa Rahman

Course Instructor 2

Safeena Khalid

Ustadha Safeena started studying Tajweed at Green Lane Masjid in Sept 2012. By Sept 2015, she was teaching her own Tajweed classes on the weekend in the masjid. In 2019, she completed her Ijaza in the Jazariyah programme under Ustadha Abeir at Green Lane Masjid.

Course Instructor 3

Khadija Said

Ustadha Khadija is a graduate of mathematics and chemistry and works as an accountant. She is a former Tajweed student at GLM, having completed her studies in 2020 and is currently a Hifdh student with the Muddakir Programme. Khadija has been teaching Qur'an (reading) part-time for a number of years, but only recently joined the GLM team.

Our Students Love Us! 

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The teaching is at very high quality at GLM. All the ustaza and syeikh/ustaz are very knowledgeable and are very good at teaching us through examples from the Quran and Sunnah MashaAllah.
— Siti
The teachers were engaging and presented the material at the right pace for me. They were always accommodating to my needs as a student.
— Adnan
The quality of teaching is at a high standard and there are lovely facilities. Please learn the deen; you will be benefitted in Dunya and Akhira.
— Jasmeen

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Quran Reading
Level 1 (Sisters)

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